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Quick Chargrilled Korean Chicken


This really is far from authentic I’m sure, but it is quick and it is healthy and delicious so I’ll take the flak the shortcuts. It’s just leftover chicken turned in Korean Bulgogi marinade, a little soy, rice wine vinegar and sugar then flashed through a chargrill pan. I put the chicken in the marinade before I leave for work in the morning so it really gets into the chicken by the time I come home.

It’s a dinner I have when I haven’t really got time to cook and I confess to having it with good quality ready made rice pouches (the Tilda brown rice ones are nice and actually have no additives or chemicals in them – I was surprised about that as I’d always turned my nose up at them). Of course I cook rice when I have time but when I get in after 10 hours out of the house working and commuting and I’m utterly dropping with hunger it’s better than putting a crappy pizza in the oven or ordering a takeaway.

Whilst it’s chargrilling chop a bit of fresh chilli, some coriander and find the sesame  seeds in the cupboard if you’ve got any. Some steamed greens in oyster sauce – something you don’t even have to chop like sugar snap peas – go well with it for a really quick but actually very healthy and delicious dinner.

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Quick Baked Sticky BBQ Chicken

korean bbq chicken2

This is a super quick dinner – ready in about 25 minutes and very little prep.

Use any BBQ sauce you like adjusted however you like. I normally like to add extra chilli, some soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and honey. Whack it over some chicken breasts, halve some lemons and bake on high for 20 minutes. Switch the oven to grill mode or take them out and put them under a grill and grill for 5 minutes or until the top is caramelised and the lemons have browned. The juice that comes out of them when they’re cooked like this is delicious squeezed over the chicken.

Serve with rice.

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Green Lip Mussels In Black Bean Sauce

I’m often asked for quick, easy recipes that don’t skimp on flavour. Well, here’s one: a recipe for mussels in black bean sauce. My local Chinese take-away does a fabulous version of this but I only order take-away food Continue reading

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