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Lobster & Red Pepper Fritters with Garlic Mayonnaise


Unless you live by the sea lobster can be pretty expensive, so ways to make it go further are always useful. One recipe that makes a small lobster stretch to starters for 4 people Continue reading


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Cooking (live) Thai Lobster with Suki


Giving the holy basil to my able assistant, Suki.

Last weekend I headed round to my friends Zoe & Martin’s house for the day. I sometimes take live lobsters round there to cook on occasion and seeing as it was Martin’s birthday the next day this was one of those occasions. Continue reading


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Restaurant: Veeraswamy

Location: Picadilly, London SW1

Meal: dinner

Price: £160 for cocktails, starters, main course, wine and Irish coffees for two.


‘Green Prawns’ with coriander, mint, cumin & chilli.


Mussels Moilee witn aromatic ginger sauce and fresh coconut.



Malabar lobster, Sea Bass wrapped in banana leaf and Chorchori.

The National Geographic puts Veeraswamy at number eight on it’s list of Top Ten Best Destinations and Special Restaurants in the World and after our trip there last Friday to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday I’d have to agree with their high opinion of the place. Founded in 1926 by an Indian Princess and Continue reading

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