My Charities

The two food charities I’m sponsoring with this blog are Magic Breakfast ( and Send a Cow (

Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast is a charity which gets healthy breakfasts out to children in the UK who arrive at school in the mornings too hungry to actually learn anything, the implications of which are obvious.

I’m hoping to raise money for this charity via Notes On The Menu using a variety of means. I will be doing some sponsored events and possibly raffling off the occasional prize of having me as your private dinner party chef for an evening, although I will have to limit that to friends or friends-of-friends who live in London for the obvious security/travelling reasons.

I have also left my photos available for copying so if you do use an image – and you’re quite welcome to – I ask that you consider giving a small one-off donation to Magic Breakfast. Other than that I can do requests, i.e. demonstrate how something is made using step-by-step photos and instructions; I have my first request in from a friend who wants me to demonstrate sushi rolls, for example. Where I fulfil such requests it would be nice if a small one-off donation to Magic Breakfast could be made in return but this is voluntary, of course. If anyone has any other ideas how I can raise money for Magic Breakfast via this blog, please let me know.

Send a Cow

This is a charity I make monthly donations to because I think the story and the ethos behind it  is wonderful (and how can you not love a charity called Send a Cow?) plus I really believe it is the most effective way of giving to the communities in question. The charity started when a group of British farmers had the idea to send 25 pregnant cows out to African families who in turn gave a pledge to pass on the first female calf to other families.  This meant people could help themselves and their own communities on a long term rather than short term basis.

I know we all have our chosen charities but just in case anyone is thinking of looking for a different way of giving Send A Cow (or similar schemes) is something I’m keen to promote because I believe in their very real impact on poor communities.

And I just love the thought of those 25 cows on the plane to Uganda! Crazy but utterly brilliant.

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  1. Lee

    That’s a very mooving idea!

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