About The Author

My name is Jo Ellis-Holland, and I live and work in London.  Food has been a obsession for me from a very young age and I love nothing more than a good dinner party, be it a formal 3 courses plus cheese and coffee affair, or something more casual like a curry night, BBQ or even a special plate of pasta with a couple of friends. For me the food should always create a sense of occasion. That doesn’t always mean spending a fortune and often a bit of make-ahead effort can transform inexpensive ingredients into special dishes.

I am not a trained chef but did work in kitchens in my younger years before returning to higher education to learn about photography; another huge love of mine. This blog combines those twin passions of cooking for friends and family with photography to create an instructional and visual dinner party recipe kit for every occasion and every budget.

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Thank you and bon appetite!








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  1. I adore your wp design, where do you download it from?

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