Fish Noodle Soup



This is one of those dishes where the parts are interchangeable but the idea stays the same; some type of noodle, a fragrant broth, a piece of crispy fish and some stir fried veg.

The broth cane be as simple or as complicated as you like but the basics are a good stock – be that home made from scratch or from a good quality stock cube – and then a balance of heat, salt, tangy, sweet. You need some form of chilli which could be a paste, it could be a few chilli flakes and it could even e a squirt of Sriracha sauce if that’s all you had in the cupboard. Salt could be soy sauce or fish sauce, tangy could be rice wine vinegar, lime juice, cider vinegar – anything really (but malt vinegar might be stretching it a bit) and finally a bit of sweetness. Sugar or honey, for example. Add them into the stock until it has a balance YOU like, they’re your noodles after all. Then cook the noodles according to the instructions, pan fry your fish (skin side down, hot non stick pan, hold it down when it first goes in to stop it arching up and the middle not getting crisped), stir fry whatever veg you have in or have chosen and put it all together in a bowl.

That’s kind of it, really. It’s best to make the broth first and keep it on the heat, cook the noodles and drain them ready to go in and stir fry your veg just before you cook your fish, which will only take a few minutes. Place the noodles at the bottom of a deep bowl, pile your stir fried veg on, place your fish on top and pour the broth around it rather than over – no point getting the skin all crispy just to make it soggy again.


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