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Witches Finger Cookies

Witch's Fingers

These witch’s finger cookies are great fun for Halloween – imagine the look on the trick or treat-ers faces when you produce these at the door!

They are easy to make if you follow a few easy rules.

  1. Use a sugar cookie recipe that does not use raising agents, or they jst spread out and you get Gruffalo claws, not witch’s fingers.
  2. Always chill the dough before shaping then chill them again before baking, preferably overnight.
  3. Bake them high & quick – around gas Mark 5 for no more than 8 or 9 minutes.

The best colouring for the nails is Dr Oetker food colouring gel but be warned it never really sets hard so they don’t travel too well. You can flavour them with ginger or cinnamon but be careful of putting liquid flavourings in because it affects the consistency of the dough and it’s ability to hold it’s shape.

Other than that, they’re just great fun.

Happy Hallowween!



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