Fiery Squid Ink Pasta and Salmon Parcels


These all-in-one pasta and fish parcels are great for dinner parties because they are, of course, a whole meal, they’re highly adaptable and can be made ahead of time. There’s also a great sense of theatre with them when each guest pierces their individual parcel to reveal delights within. Any pasta/fish or seafood combination will work or you could use noodles and add some Asian or Thai influences such as finely chopped lemongrass, lime, ginger, soy sauce, etc.  The trick with the pasta or noodles is to soak them in cold water until they become floppy. The steam created in the foil parcels will finish off the cooking process.

I won’t give a recipe as such here, more a how-to, which really is very simple. Choose your pasta or noodle type and soak until it’s floppy. Choose your fish or seafood (chicken breast works, too – but place it between two pieces of cling film and bash it until it’s nice and thin so it cooks all the way through) and then add some flavours. Here I’ve chosen salmon with fresh chilli, garlic & herb butter, lemon and a few sprigs of basil.

Place all your parcel contents in a large piece of oiled foil to stop anything sticking and then fold into a neat parcel, leaving room for steam to expand and make sure your seams are nice and tight. It’s also a good idea to add a tablespoon or two of stock to really get that steam going.

Place the parcels on baking sheets and put into the oven which you’ve pre-heated to a few notches below it’s absolute maximum for 12 minutes. If you’ve sealed the edges correctly they will puff out and release a big waft of fragrant steam as each guest breaks into their parcel.



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