Chargrilled Tofu Stir Fry


Tofu is boring, right? Well, there’s no doubt it can be but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It’s most boring attribute – that it tastes of nothing – can also be it’s most attractive one in that it’s a great carrier for flavour. Texture is also an issue for many people but that too can easily be overcome. To make this dish I cut a block of the Tofu commonly found in Asian supermarkets (in water) into flat oblongs and laid them in a simple marinade of lime juice, salt and sugar overnight then turned it carefully once the following morning before cooking it that night. To get those nice chargrill lines and texture I then lifted it out, patted it dry, brushed it with a bit of neutral flavoured oil and cooked it in a hot griddle pan on both sides.

To use it for a Thai style stir fry I did things slightly differently to the usual method which involves first stir frying the meat and removing it before cooking the rest of the ingredients – aromatics, vegetables then sauce – and adding the meat back in at the end. For the Tofu version I chargrilled it as described above and set the oblongs to one side on a plate. After a few minutes it firms up enough to be cut into strips. Then it’s just a matter of starting the stir fry off with the aromatics followed by the vegetables and sauce and then very gently turning the Tofu strips through at the end, trying not to break up the pieces.

The stir fry ingredients can be any Thai or Chinese option of your choosing; in fact, it could be any combination of vegetables and sauce you want but the last thing it should be is boring.




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