Twice Cooked Healthy Hasselback Potatoes


Buttery mash, goose fat roasties, deep fried chips; the combination of the humble spud with some form of fat is always a winner, but there are times when we might want to cut down the calories a bit whilst still getting our potato hit.

This Hasselback potato recipe is useful at those times because of a few tricks – one of which I got from my mum – and a bit of patience. I won’t write out a recipe as such, I’ll just tell you how I made that lovely big bowl full you see here using only a tablespoon of oil. First slice your potatoes – any kind – using the hedgehog style shown above i.e. almost all the way through in a row. Then steam them carefully, so they hold together, and lift them into a large oven proof dish for which you have a lid (or cover it in foil). My mum’s trick is to then pour over hot stock, with one tablespoon of oil in it, to about half way up the potatoes (she does beef but chicken or veg stock will also work, of course). Pop them in the oven and cook on about gas mark 4 for an hour then take the lid off for another 45 minutes. ‘Baste’ them a few times using the stock, which will all eventually be absorbed into the potatoes giving them a great flavour and leaving the small amount of oil left to brown the tops.


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