French Salted Caramel


Salted caramel, the flavour of the moment. It pops up in culinary forms varying from expensive artisan macarons to high end chocolate bars to supermarket ice cream. Chewy salted caramel however is not so commonand I’ve only seen home-made versions at farmer’s markets, where it tends to cost a fair bit. Making your own, on the other hand, is inexpensive once you’ve bought a sugar thermometer. This recipe is foolproof – no pans of burnt sugar here – and will make you very popular (if you share it!). Be warned, though, this is the crack cocaine of sweets and addiction is fairly inevitable.


One and a half cups caster sugar

Half cup of golden syrup (called corn syrup in America)

I cup double/heavy cream

4oz butter

2tsps sea salt

You will also need a heavy based pan, a sugar thermometer, a 10 x 10 inch baking tin (or similar size) and a non-stick silicon baking sheet.


First off, grease your tin and the silicon sheet. Line the tine with sheet. Next is the foolproof bit with regards to caramelising the sugar; with a wooden spoon, very thoroughly mix together the sugar and golden syrup in the pan you’re going to cook it in. Put the pan over a very low heat and watch it carefully. It will tolerate a gentle stir or two once it begins to melt at the edges but mixing the sugar with the golden syrup means it really shouldn’t need to be stirred more than once . You can swirl it a few times once it gets going.

In the meantime put the butter and cream into another pan and slowly melt the butter.

Once the sugar has all liquidised keep it on a low heat until it turns a dark golden brown – about the colour of a good tawny port. Stir one of the teaspoons of sea salt into the cream and butter mixture and then pour it onto the caramelised sugar and golden syrup, but stand back a bit because it will bubble up quite high.

Pop your sugar thermometer in and continue cooking on the lowest heat until it gets to 125 degrees centigrade then pour it into your prepared tin. Wait five minutes and scatter the second teaspoon of salt over the surface. Allow to completely cool, cut into pieces and wrap in squares of parchment or greaseproof paper.

salted caramel




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