The Rising Sun, Mill Hill, London

Restaurant/Inn: The Rising Sun

Location: Mill Hill, London, NW7 4EY

Meal: Light lunch

Price; £30 for two plus (very nice) wine

The Rising Sun in Mill Hill have got it so so right. It is a beautiful 17th century pub perched at the top of Mill Hill. A listed building with an interesting history it was sadly stagnating until it’s recent take over by a fantastically welcoming family who have stamped their mark on the place and breathed new life into it. The food leans towards fresh fish and Italian classics accompanied by a well thought out wine list and a small but  sufficient choice of expertly kept ales. It is a tiny, tiny little place built in the times when Mill Hill still had it’s mill and maintained in strict keeping with it’s listed building status. There is a restaurant adjoined to the main pub but you can eat in the two small (beautiful) rooms which, along with the fantastic little square bar, comprise the internal areas – and you can also eat out on the sun terrace at the back or the tables at the front on a sunny day.

Anyway, onto the food: it was a Sunday and we had just returned from Muswell Hill farmer’s market (see previous post) where we had bought a fabulous river trout which I was planning to cook for dinner later that evening (see next post!) so we were only looking to have a light bite to eat and a bottle of cold white wine. We ordered the cured meat and cheese platter and some calamari with harissa to share. To drink we ordered a bottle of Gavi. First the platter; it was incredibly well put together, offering a comprehensive choice of Italian tidbits. The cured meats were soft, unctious and had a good amount of healthy, flavoursome fat. The parmesan was crumbly and fruity, just as it should be. The fresh buffalo mozarella was creamy, light and perfectly complimented by the home made pesto drizzled onto it. In fact, everything was divine with special mention for the Pugliese bread, which was chewy with big, irregular holes and a dark, salty crust.

The calamari was crisp on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside and the home-made harissa was just the right side of chilli-hot and really piquant.  And finally, the wine. Oh the wine! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that chilled, dry, flinty bottle of Gavi. It was just perfect and at £18, a fair price for the quality of the wine.

Now, I would tell you to go but then I might not get a table next time I’m there, so, erm, don’t.

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  1. 3pounds of trout for a tenner – that’s a bargain alright; i’d have bought two and stuck one in the freezer for another day

    big whole fresh fish like this is very expensive – but i’ve always found it more enjoyable than meat

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