Hazelnut, Orange and Brandy Truffles



The annual chocolate-fest otherwise known as Easter is here. If you want to make something rich and indulgent but can’t spare several hours to make a cake these truffles might be for you.

They’re very reasonable on the pocket, too! I made 45 generous truffles for around a fiver and it was really quick and easy

You could change the recipe up a bit and use different nuts (or none) and different flavours – perhaps whisky & almond or brazil nut and rum. They make nice gifts, too.



250g good dark chocolate – at least 72% – bashed up into small pieces

1 small (227g) pot of double cream

A really good slug of brandy – say, 3 or 4 tbsp brandy

Zest of one orange

8 oz whole hazelnuts, toasted and blitzed in a blender (or 8 oz ready chopped)

A few tbsp cocoa powder

Petit four cases (optional – you could just lay them on a sheet of greaseproof if you want).



Put the cream and brandy into a heavy bottomed pan and bring to the boil. Allow it to boil until reduced by half (keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t boil over). Take it off the heat, dump all the chocolate in at once and stir like the clappers until all the chocolate is melted. This is called a ‘ganache’. Add the orange zest and toasted, chopped hazelnuts and combine thoroughly. Allow the mixture to cool until set in the fridge (or in the freezer if you want to speed up the process).

To make the truffles place the cocoa in a small bowl and roll small walnut sized pieces in the palm of your hand and then in the cocoa. It’s a messy job! To try to get some sort of uniform size to my truffles I use  a set of spoon measures and load up the teaspoon sized one with mixture. It isn’t an exact science but then, it doesn’t need to be. The best thing about home made treats is that they look – and taste – home made.



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4 responses to “Hazelnut, Orange and Brandy Truffles

  1. i’ve made similar ones in the past, with a hint of freshly ground pepper – it accentuates the taste of the chocolate

  2. Have you ever tried a pinch of chilli in with the chocolate? That works too x

  3. Oooh only just found this… I reckon they look pretty damn good actually! (Fancy a job? 😉 ) Shall probably give them a whirl with the kids as we are a real Hazelnut household. Today I am off to conquer lemon macaroons…. ever made them? Fi Sciolti

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