Home Made Muesli

This ‘recipe’ (I’m not sure I can count mixing things in a bowl as a recipe – more of a formula, I guess) is for my lovely sister-in-law, Geraldine. She wants to eat muesli that’s actually healthy, which the stuff on our supermarket shelves doesn’t really qualify as. Why not? It’s stuffed full of sugar. In fact, most breakfast cereals are. If you turn the box over and read the ingredient list it soon becomes apparent that you’d be better off eating the packaging.

If you want a genuinely nutritious breakfast cereal the best way to achieve it is to make your own. This muesli will give a slow release of energy over several hours and it will take literally minutes to make a batch. You will need a large plastic bowl and one or two big pieces of tupperware to store it in. Alternatively you can keep it zip-lock bags.

This batch of muesli contains currants as the dried fruit content and almonds as the nut content but these can be swapped for any type of nut or dried fruit or a mixture of different ones – just keep the weight ratio the same and then play around with it according to taste or what you have in the cupboard. Most of the ingredients can be bought from the supermarket but I would definitely recommend Holland (no relation) & Barrett for the seeds. They are by far the cheapest place to buy them – and the nuts too, actually. Supermarket own brand oats are perfectly acceptable to use and you will find them tucked away on the lower shelves of the cereal aisle (they don’t want to encourage you to buy oats – not much profit in them) and the dried fruit – sultanas, currants, raisins – will be in the baking aisle.

To make the muesli weigh out the following ingredients and mix thoroughly. That’s it.  The initial ingedients may seem expensive but it’s worth the the lay-out. It actually works out cheaper per bowl than the sugar-laden stuff in packets but even if it didn’t it would STILL be worth it. This healthy breakfast is a slow burner, the nuts and seeds are essential for supple, well-nourished skin and a moderate amount of dried fruit gives all the sweetness you need at breakfast time.

2 lb porridge oats

1/2 lb sunflower seeds

1/2 pumpkin seeds

6 tbsp linseeds

1/2 lb nuts

1/2 lb dried fruit


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