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Baked River Trout with Anchovy Rub on New Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes

As promised, here is the recipe which was the final fate of the 3lb river trout (purchased for the bargain price of a tenner!) I picked up at Muswell Hill Farmer’s Market. I had personally never seen a trout of that size and was delighted with it. I was even more delighted because the fishmonger had been able to tell me which river it had been caught in(the Stour). Continue reading

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The Rising Sun, Mill Hill, London

Restaurant/Inn: The Rising Sun

Location: Mill Hill, London, NW7 4EY

Meal: Light lunch

Price; £30 for two plus (very nice) wine

The Rising Sun in Mill Hill have got it so so right. It is a beautiful 17th century pub perched at the top of Mill Hill. A listed building with an interesting history it was Continue reading

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Muswell Hill Farmer’s Market

It was a beautiful sunny day in London yesterday and a perfect day for a trip to my nearest farmer’s market. The people who run stalls there are lovely, their produce is stunning – here are the pictures! (What more, really, is there to say?)


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Green Tiger Prawns

I first came across green tiger prawns in Veerswamy in Picadilly. When I saw them on the menu I was intrigued Continue reading

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Roast Spiced Nuts

Roast spiced nuts make a beautiful snack if you’re looking for something healthy to replace crisps or Continue reading

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Hazelnut, Orange and Brandy Truffles



The annual chocolate-fest otherwise known as Easter is here. If you want to make something rich and indulgent but can’t spare several hours to make a cake these truffles might be for you. Continue reading


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Home Made Muesli

This ‘recipe’ (I’m not sure I can count mixing things in a bowl as a recipe – more of a formula, I guess) is for my lovely sister-in-law, Geraldine. She wants to eat muesli that’s actually healthy, which the stuff on our supermarket shelves doesn’t really qualify as. Why not? It’s stuffed full of Continue reading

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