Chix Chox


Rigatoni with Prawns & Chilli in Tomato Sauce

Restaurant: Chix Chox

Location: North Finchley, London, N12

Meal: Lunch

Visited: November, 2009

Cost: £20 for lunch and soft drinks for two

Chix Chox is a bit of a North Finchley institution. It’s been there for at least twenty years and I have many friends with fond memories of hanging out there after school as teenagers having knockerbockerglories, eating burgers and feeling very cool. But its not just a place for teenagers, people of all ages are always made to feel very comfortable at Chix Chox. I used to take my daughter there when she was younger and she loved the place, not least because it used to have a large, meandering plant set against a trellis behind the till (more of a tree than a plant really although don’t ask me what kind) which had lollipops twisted onto its branches. At the time she was young enough to believe in the myth of the ‘lollipop tree’, i.e. that they actually grew on there. Small children would each be given a lollipop plucked from the tree upon leaving – can you imagine how exciting that is for a child? Almost two decades on and the lollipop tree is gone but the same owners and the welcoming atmosphere still remain. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to claim Chix Chox as some rarified gourmet treasure. Its not. What it does – basic pizza, pasta, burgers and cakes – it does to a fair standard and the portions are generous. I ordered the Rigatoni with Prawns & Chilli in Tomato Sauce (see photo). The pasta was nicely al dente and the sauce was acceptable. I say ‘acceptable’ because it was far too timid on the garlic and chilli front for me but might be right on the button for others. Michael’s Pepperoni and Chilli pizza was far more forthright on the chilli and garlic front. The base was pleasingly thin and crisp and whilst it wasn’t the best pizza in the world it was more than good enough for a local Italian cafe.

Chix Chox is reliable in its consistency and fairly priced. Its a lovely place to take children and is quite probably the best lunch venue along the High Rd. If you’re in the area and find yourself a bit peckish you could do far worse. For the big child in all of us, though, I still wish they would bring back the lollipop tree.


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2 responses to “Chix Chox

  1. Katharine Broderick

    The day before I was born my parents and older sister went to chix chox and my parents before that. It is my home. Delicious food friendly people my favorite ever restaurant. I’ve used a fake name but I am actually a famous chef and my husband Is a restaurant critic. I know.

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