Lunch Box Salad

Lunch Box Salad






This recipe, well, more of an idea than an actual recipe, is for anyone who has ever wandered along the aisles of that big, well known supermarket looking for something vaguely healthy for lunch and come across their little pots of rice/pasta/cous cous salad and found themselves turning into their mother. “HOW much?” you hear yourself say and then your second thought upon checking the ingredients is usually “and why does it have more calories than a burger???”. There is a solution to the lunch box problem and its cheaper and healthier than the high street alternative. The reason we’re often in the above situation in the first place is that we didn’t have time to make lunch before we left the house that morning but if you have a big box of really lovely salad in the fridge that you can just decant a portion of  into a smaller tupperware the time issue need not be a problem. Making lunch in bulk like this has the added advantage of making use of odds and ends of vegetables that you have left over from other dishes. It doesn’t really matter what you have because you can throw almost anything together and make it work. Make a big jar of dressing up and take a little each day and your lunch will cost you one third of the shop-bought version, have almost 80% less fat and won’t turn you into your mother.


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