Mushroom, Red Onion & Stilton Tart

Mushroom, Red Onion and Stilton TartMaking a tart (flan, quiche, whatever) is always a nice way to use up bits and bobs of food you find in the fridge after the weekend. This one is quite hearty and not particularly low fat and is one to make while you’re pottering around doing other things as there are several stages to it, none of which take up a huge amount of time in themselves but do require you to be around the house for a while.


3 oz wholemeal flour

3 oz plain flour

3 oz butter

Milk to form a dough

5 Portobello mushrooms

2 red onions

4 oz stilton

5 large eggs

1 tsp mustard


2 cloves garlic



Make the pastry by whizzing the flours and the butter in the blender. Pour in a few liquid ounces of milk and then add more until it forms a dough. Put this in the fridge for half an hour. (Or buy some ready made!) Chop the garlic and saute in the oil. Lay the mushrooms stalk side up in an oven dish and pour the garlic and oil over. Season with salt and bake on gas mark 4 for an hour. The reason for this is that mushrooms give off a lot of liquid in the initial stages of cooking which they will reabsorb if cooked long enough but they will ruin the dish if they’re not by making it watery. Cut each onion into 6 wedges, toss them in oil and salt and put them in with the mushrooms after half an hour. Next, roll out your pastry and bake it blind for ten minutes in a greased tart tin. To bake blind you use the same gas mark as the mushrooms and onions so it can all be done simultaneously. When the mushrooms, onions and pastry have been prepped you can assemble the tart. Arrange the mushrooms and onions on the pastry base, combine the beaten eggs, mustard and grated Stilton, 1/4 tsp salt and pour over. bake at gas mark 4 or equivelent for 30 to 40 mins depending on what size tart tin you have. Check after half an hour and if its not golden enough give it a bit longer.



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