Chocolate and Chipotle Muffins

Chocolate and Chipotle MuffinIts Chocolate Week so I’m kicking off my new food blog a chocolate muffin recipe. The emphasis for this year’s Chocolate Week events is on unusual combinations; Halibut with herb and cocoa nib crust from Paul a Young, Parmesan and dark chocolate with smoked bacon and mango from Bill MacCarrick of Sir Hans Sloane Chocolates in the savoury department for example. There are lessons on how to make a tequila chocolate cocktail and a chance to meet your favourite choclatier. Events range from full day shows featuring offerings from all the top artisan chocolate houses to one hour tastings after work to a White Chocolate Afternoon tea at Podium in the Hilton Park Lane. There is something for every chocolate lover out there. To find out more log onto the Chocolate Week site but in the meantime here is my recipe for Chocolate and Chipotle Muffins. In the interests of unusual combinations I’ve added a pinch of chilli to an adaptation of Dan Lepard’s muffin recipe  – but not just any chilli because that particular combination is nothing new. I’ve used smoked Chipotle (pronounced chip-o-way) chillis purchased for me recently from Chilli Pepper Pete’s stand at the Brighton Chilli Festival (thanks, Rox). When I opened the bag it struck me how fruity and chocolatey the chillis smelled with the smokiness being incredibly subtle and not of the hickory smoke variety so don’t worry, you won’t get an odd BBQ/muffin concoction. You can, of course, use normal chilli or leave it out all together but I do think the chilli adds a really interesting dimension.


125g dark chocolate

75g butter

50g rice flour

125g wholemeal self-raising flour

3 level tbsp cocoa

100g soft dark brown sugar

125g soft light brown sugar

2 large eggs

75 ml any light oil

225 ml cold water

1 and 1/4 tsp baking powder

Good pinch of ground smoked dried Chipotle


Mix the rice flour, dark brown sugar, cocoa and water throughly and heat over a medium flame stirring all the time because it will thicken suddenly. Take it off the heat and add the butter and chocolate, beating hard to combine. Whisk the oil and the eggs and add a little at a time  and beat again with each addition. Now add the soft light brown sugar and beat again (there’s a lot of beating but I promise you its worth it). Finally, sift in the flour and the baking powder. You will be left with some bran in the sieve, just throw that back in along with the pinch of chilli and gently combine. Spoon into 12 muffin cases set in a muffin tray and bake at gas mark 4 or equivalent for 25 mins. Cool on a rack to prevent soggy bottomed muffins!



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2 responses to “Chocolate and Chipotle Muffins

  1. Bloody revishing food blog, made me hngry just reading the recipes, can’t wait to get in the kitchen and try them out,

    Great stuff

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